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Общи условия за ползване

Please read carefully the General Terms and Conditions on this site, according to which the Merchant provides services to its users / customers through https://katanaspeed.com/. These conditions bind all users after placing an order. The user / client agrees, fully accepts and undertakes to comply with these General Terms and Conditions. The products displayed on this site do not constitute a legally binding offer, but are rather a demonstrative online catalog describing the Merchant's product line. By ordering the goods, the Users / Customers agree to purchase the goods. This action is legally binding. The customer receives a confirmation of the order and upon receipt of this confirmation it is considered that the contract has been concluded. The contractual language is Bulgarian, and payments will be made in Bulgarian levs with VAT. The appearance of goods, equipment and specifications are subject to change without notice. This site is for informational purposes only and is not subject to public offering under any circumstances.
Before ordering, please read carefully the product description, technical characteristics, specifications and operation. Also, carefully read the terms of purchase, payment and delivery of goods. Sales from the BRCModels site are made worldwide. The presence of a basket indicates the presence or absence of goods of the specified category. The presence or absence of goods in the warehouse is updated periodically. Once the User / Customer selects the desired product, he can request it according to the General Terms.
The price with free delivery indicated on the site is final for the User / Client. In case of announced price, which does not include delivery, it is paid separately by the User / Customer to the courier upon receipt of the goods. All prices are in Bulgarian levs with VAT included for a single quantity. The price of products that are not available can be changed if they are available.
The relevant warranty period provided by the manufacturer of the goods applies to the goods sold. The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase. The manufacturer's document describes: address and telephone number of the authorized services of the purchased product, the warranty conditions of the respective service centers or manufacturers. During this period, in case of a factory defect, the product is subject to free warranty repair or replacement in case of impossibility to perform the repair. Repairs are performed by the Merchant or in case of major damage by the manufacturer and the transport costs are at the expense of the Merchant. The maximum term for carrying out the repair is not more than 30 days. The repair or replacement of the damaged product is carried out in the presence of: sales document, preserved original packaging, documentation, equipment together with the product.
The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free operation during the warranty period only if the use of the product is for the purposes for which it was manufactured, in compliance with the rules of operation, settings, proper handling, storage conditions, maintenance and timely diagnosis of possible errors and mechanical damage. parts and details for products. In case of manufacturing defects in parts or in the assembly of the product, the User / Customer to stop using the product and contact the Merchant. Only those parts or details of the product in which a manufacturing defect has been identified are subject to warranty repair or replacement. If the use of a defective product with a manufacturing defect causes damage to other parts and components, the warranty is not recognized, the warranty will not cover other parts and damages other than factory defects. All other parts, details and repairs are paid by the User / Client. The warranty does not allow for maintenance, cleaning of models, settings and other services.
Warranty is NOT recognized when:
The User / Customer loses the right to product warranties in case of improper use, including improper use. Careless handling of the product. In the presence of mechanical damage to the product such as: shocks, falls, contact with moving and non-moving objects. Attempts to repair or change the design of the product. Improper installation and adjustment of the product. Normal wear of parts and elements in operation. This warranty does not cover products that have a limited service life: batteries, paints, bearing parts and components that are subject to normal wear and tear and are subject to periodic replacement, as well as other products and accessories that are subject to severe mechanical stress. in operation.
Warranty Limitations
The models and their components are exposed to extreme loads during operation. The user / customer is obliged to check all joints, connections, connections, settings, threaded connections, etc. before each use. and mandatory