Male TRX to Female XT60 Connector Adapter for LiPo High Quality


No Wires Connector: Male TRX to female XT60 Adapter for Brushless Brushed Speed Control or Charger to LiPO NiMH NiCd Battery Pack 1s 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s

Category: No Wires / 2-Connector Adapter

Male Connector: Male TRX Style Mates to the TRX connector on your TRX Battery Pack

Female Connector 2: XT60 Style Mates to the XT60 Connector on your Speed Control or Charger

Wire Length: N/A 

Wire Guage: N/A 

Quantity: 1 pcs 

Used For: Convert Battery with TRX to XT60 on Electronic Speed Control / Charger

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